ROST’S POINT by George E. Wolf Jr./1983-2010

In December 1983, my brother (David) and myself went to the southern shoreline of Clear Lake known as ROST’S POINT in Galveston Co., Texas.
The point was going to be destroyed and homes built on it.
We surfaced hunted the site but found only fragments of the past.
Bricks littered the shoreline as well as broken bottles and chinaware.
There was even the remains of  an old cistern.


Grantee:      Samuel St. John
Certificate:     22
Patentee:     John G. Rost
Patent Date:     9 Jan 1874
Acres:     440
District:     Brazoria; Brazos; Galveston
County:     Galveston
File:     45
Patent #:     316
Patent Volume:     20
Class:     Gal Scrip

In 1873, John G. Rost  purchased 440 acres out of the Muldoon grant.  Rost, assignee of Samuel St. John, purchased the property with a Land Script which had been issued in 1836 in New Orleans, File 45, Abstract 174, GLO records, Book A, page 372, Galveston County Courthouse.
The northeastern portion of this 440 ac which extends out into Clear Lake., the area under consideration, has been known historically as ROST’S POINT.
Site 41GV16 Dec. 1985